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How Were The Xmas Bundles Crafted?

  • a Surprise just for you
  • here's the story
Three years ago, Jomar’s Virtual Team met up without him to discuss how they can help serve the people Jomar is serving. In that meeting – they decided to offer some of the rare tutorials, videos, webinars and seminars Jomar have done – at a steeply discounted rate. Their reason : It was Christmas after all!
TRIVIA: Did you know that Jomar celebrates Christmas in a very different way? For him, Christmas is not just December 25, Christmas includes weeks and days before Christmas. Kaya, 12 days before Christmas, he gives his wife, Clarisse, gifts each day. 
"Awwww sweet!… Sana makakita rin kami ng loved one na ganun!”(Can you guess who said that?)
So we, together with Jomar, decided it’s our turn to share gifts to Jomar’s friends, students and followers
–- 12 days before Christmas!
Hence, this Christmas special is born! 
What did we decide to call this Christmas special? 
“12 Days of Christmas with Jomar Hilario” 
We went home and went through the compilation of videos, ebooks, audios and webinars. Trish emailed Nikki and Sophie to get their inputs on the idea.
The Jomar Hilario Virtual Assistants Team went through the huge vault and they only have one criteria in selecting those that will be included in the Christmas Bundles:
Choose only those that they will give as gift for themselves!
Take a peek at what the VAs have inside the Christmas stockings:
Jomar’s most in demand signature beginner courses
Premium webinars that will make you an effective and efficient Virtual Assistant / Virtual Professional
All time best-selling downloadable programs of Jomar (the training that changed Mommy Tasha’s life!)
Never before released e-books on How can a virtual job replace a normal day job?
Step-by-step tutorials (It’s like having Jomar’s VA guiding you)
Exclusive bonuses on how to achieve mastery
Mind-changing webinars and events on achieving your first P100,000 from internet marketing
Skills and knowledge to jump up to resign early in your career now and to have job as VA as soon as you can.
Plan the forthcoming year the way winners do!And there’s more…
It’s been a busy December and we, Jomar's Virtual Team, were really busy wrappin’ up these gifts for you.
Yes, these are gifts that you can give to the most important person in your life: YOU!
Yes, you want to take a look inside your Christmas Stocking!
IMPORTANT UPDATE:Nikki, Danielle, Trish, Isabelle, Lorenzo, Zac, Camille, Jomar and the rest of the team move FAST kaya they love FAST MOVERS!
Because of this, we have decided to give huge discounts to FAST MOVERS ONLY. The HUGE SALE is available at a limited time only – until Dec 16 ONLY.
I thought this promo is called “12 Days of Christmas with Jomar Hilario” di ba?
You are correct. Here’s the thing…
The FAST MOVER discount will be available only from November 20 to Dec 16 ONLY – where discounts up to 70% will be offered!
After this, the Christmas Sale will continue – where the same products will be available at 55% discount!
HURRY UP and grab the best gift for yourself!
Enjoy a Marvellous Christmas!
The Jomar Hilario Virtual Team
P.S. Be on the look out for the ladies! Who knows baka you’ll see Isabelle and Camille in one coffeeshop near your place sharing stories and havin’ a great time as friends!
Hmmm…How do you know they’re them?
You’ll hear one word several times in their conversation and this one word is – “Jomar”!

It's Time to Live a Marvelous Life with Virtual Careers...

The 2017 Christmas Bundles and Singles

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  • Bundle 2
  • bundle 3
  • Bundle 4
Virtual Careers Christmas Bundle 4: Online Store with Copywriting Course (With 1on1 Mentoring with Jomar)
Get All These for a Total Value of P60,950!  For only P18,657.00Hurry! Save up to 40% when you register on or before December 19, 2017!
Online Store with Copywriting Course (With 1on1 Mentoring with Jomar)
So you want to setup an Online Store?Let's figure out together,where your nextwealth is going to come from online.
Let's design away to ship your online product.
Not a webinar, but honest to goodness conversation between us. 
 P 50,000
Must be serious in setting up an online store or at least talking about it. P 10,000 for 4 hours - consultation fee.
Monthly for 6 Months, 1on1 discussion with Jomar regarding your niche,preparation, product to sell, marketing
2ndary income : Affiliate marketing (they'll use our link for the tools)
IVS 2017: Copywriting 303: Copy101 Recording + Copy 202 (attend live webinar on Jan 10)
 P 9,975
Digital Courses: 
DropShipping with Natasha
How You Can Start An Online Copywriting Career - Interview With Dex Arceo by Jomar Hilario
 P 975
Total Package Value
 P 60,950
Enjoy an Amazing 40% Discount (P 60,950)
Get All These for a Total Value of P60,950!  For only P18,657.00Hurry! Save up to 40% when you register on or before December 19, 2017!

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What Others Say About Jomar and Why You Should Listen to Them

Noel Lacasa

I love all topics. Each of them are really informative & well-discussed. All my negative thoughts about VA are gone & convinced me to pursue this career with all my might.

France Espinosa

Finding my whys and understanding their deeply. These whys will fuel my desire to move ahead in my virtual career

Rochelle Robles

Jomar, the fact that he shared practical steps to taking up a virtual career, we can easily apply them right away!

Charlene Santillan

This helps me gear towards Virtual Career path's know how and prepasses me to love and be committed to those career

Frances Avisado

I love the specific details on how to start in Virtual Careers and the motivational exercises to give me a push.

Kristine Say Uy

Jomar let me visualize what my dreams are and he presented options on how I can earn more money and yet be my loved ones

Eric Agbulos

Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

April Joy Santos

The topics gave me confidence that I can really start earlier online. It's just a matter of being aware of the tools available to me and how to use them for my advantage

Emely Dacquel

I learned that I can earn millions/dollars by being a virtual career and working at home to get freedom from corporate world

Benj Bolivar

I learned so much about apps and programs I haven't heard before. I also learned a lot of opportunities to make money online

Trish Ibarientos

Awareness of the things beyond corporate world and structured work-life. Realized that I need to have deep emotional why in order to push myself to go into this opportunity of Virtual Career

Eric Agbulos

Jomar set our minds to be so much prepared before becoming a VA. Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

Jo Haber

Jomar shared practical tips to simplify and hasten the virtual journey. He gave the added push and boost of confident to pursue a Virtual Career.


Jomar's event are very good eye openers to value one's self, your true worth as a person and the need to continue to work hard on yourself and not on your job. BECOME VAUABLE


Sir Jomar, you are indeed a blessing to more people you helped. Thanks a lot for being so good and for being our mentor.


The way the speaker, Jomar Hilario, discussed his presentation is very simple, engaging, and very informative. the whole presentation was actually excellent.


NO MORE INFORMATION OVERLOAD ' cause i know now what to do and what not to do with online business.


Finally, I'm now on my 1st step of gaining more knowledge to become a Virtual Assistant. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


I would like to thank sir Jomar, your friends and your staff for giving us another way of earning and, for helping us improve.


Thank you Jomar for helping SAHMS ( Stay At Home Moms) like me, see more opportunies and giving us the courage to pursue our dreams.