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How You Can Get Live A Well Designed SuccessWhen we pray at home, sometimes the kids say “Lord peace for everyone…”. Do your kids pray like that?A blanket prayer?Or maybe you do.Do you know that you can’t prove it if the prayer gets answered?So, why should you know if the prayer gets answered?Because it helps increase your faith.You believe more, hence you pray more – and you get more.Make sense?But I’m not talking about “Pray for peace” here. I’m referring to your life.Do you pray for Fi.nan.cial Free.dom?Do you know how it looks like?Would you know if it was answered?Oh, Jomar, that’s easy – my passive income is more than my expenses!Yes, that’s the dictionary definition. Sure.If your expense is 15,000 and your passive goes 15,001 – then what?What happens?Oh, you haven’t thought that far right?What if I told you -to get what you WANT – what you pray for – you have to THINK that far – and beyond.This is called a vision.DISNEY DIED BEFORE HE SAW DISNEYLAND?You see when Disneyland was created, Walt, the creator has already died. The person to see it was Roy -his brother. And someone once said to Roy – “Too bad, Walt didn’t live to see this!”Roy answered him :”He did! Walt saw it first in his mind before we were able to create it!”.MR JIM ROHN SAID ENIGMATICALLY…You have to End before you begin.You have to Begin before you end.What did he mean.You have to End the vision before you begin the project.”For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it? Luke 14:28You have to Begin your plan before you die.HOLLYWOOD VISION?Did you let Hollywood paint your future?Is a “great life” – really yachts, nice cars, nice clothes, party with “loving” friends all night?Is it really those trips to Europe, Asia, Snowy Countries.. etc?Sure, that maybe part of your success design. But I’m also sure, there’s MORE. More personal things.You need to be clear about those too.BACK TO DISNEYLANDImagine, Walt deciding to NOT DESIGN THE TOILETS in Disneyland.You would think that’s okay, right? After all – a toilet is a toilet is a toilet. Why should he reinvent the wheel?Oh. If you haven’t been in a Disney Theme Park- you know he DID redesign the toilet!Each “World” has a themed toilet. You cannot find Ariel the Mermaid on the walls of the Space World. She belongs to the “Under the Sea” world toilets.LOOK CLOSERIn fact, all the walls of everywhere in Disneyland – tell a story. Next time you visit, WALK SLOWER and LOOK CLOSER.It’s a well designed world.HOW ABOUT YOUR LIFE?Is it a well designed life?SUCCESS PRAYER“Lord, Please make this project of mine successful. How it’s done, Lord it’s up to you.”Ever hear that prayer from yourself sometimes?It’s an incomplete prayer.It’s not asking enough.“You do not have because you don’t ask.” Says the Gospel of John.But Lord! I did ask! I asked for Success!But God wants us to be more specific.YOU HAVE IMAGINATIONEver wonder why he gifted us – only humans – the power of limitless imagination?Did you think that was only for Steven Spielberg?We all have it.But what is it for?VISION BOARDS?Oh, Jomar I know what you mean – I already have vision boards, dream boards and dream books.That’s not what I mean.A well designed success is first a clear vision, followed by tiny day to day modifications in your life.Tiny.Very Tiny.Done daily.Takes a few seconds.And that’s not a dream board or dream book. It’s not an affirmation.What is it?It’s the result of a well designed success.EXAMPLES OF WELL DESIGNED SUCCESSES ARE…You’ve actually seen them.No, not Oprah.Because – really have you seen her vision statement this year?How about when she began?No?Because personal vision statements are not public.Nobody prints them out.Not really.Not in detail.MOST COMMON VISION STATEMENTS ARE…The best and most common vision statements you know are made by BIG companies.Remember – mission and vision?You probably didn’t think much about it yes?But someone -probably the founder – made that.It meant a lot to them.Maybe not to the average employee.But to the owners – that vision statement – is what made the company what it is today.BUT IT’S NOT JUST A STATEMENTSo, Jomar – we’re making a vision statement? No.We’re making a VISION.I’ll explain in the course but bottomline you’ll need a LOT of pages to create this.I’ve taught this to entrepreneurs 3 years ago and it’s been very very fruitful.Impossible things happened.However, these too are personal and private visions – w/c means – I can’t tell you much about them.Except they are so powerful in creating your future.SO HOW WILL YOU KNOW THIS WORKS?I’ve been trained by at least two vision writing mentors. I’ve done this several times. Using different methods.I’ve even been trained by a screenwriter. (For storytelling the future!)I’ve also been doing 7day personal retreats like the WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS RETREATS for a few years now – so I know how it works.Here are some words by those I’ve helped in the past plan their life:START THINKING FAR TODAY“I grew up from a poor family..I studied in La Salle Greenhills.”I can’t forget this statement given by someone I know.I also envy him. His poor family lives near Greenhills and can afford the tuition there.Me on the other hand, have to ask people for my tuition fee so I can go attend my last semester in College in UPLB. I was only looking for P 4,000 at that time.High school -I only had one pair of shoes which I sewed shut every time it broke open.Why are the SO DIFFERENT?Care to tell me why?IF YOU PREPARE TO THINK FAR TODAY, YOUR KIDS WILL THANK YOU IN THE FUTUREYour well designed success – is totally based on you.If you’re introverted, you make it so. You design it so.If you’re D or dominant, you make more leadership stories in your vision.If you’re I or interactive, you create a vision of you having so many friends and contacts and happiness.If you’re poor (so you say) and wanting to be wealthy – w/o ever worrying about money ever again – create a vision of what a day, a week or a month or year of that looks like.BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE A VISION!Yes, there are two problems here.#1. You don’t know how to tell stories on paper – you only know how to make kwento, as if there’s a difference, eh? (You do? Great!)#2. You have zero idea what vision to write.That’s why I made the WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS RETREAT & COURSEHOW IT WORKS!

Monthly for 6 months this is what happens:Day 1 Short Webinar or Video introducing the concepts.Inside Facebook. 9pm.Day 2 – 6 Everyday, there’s a message in Facebook Stories to remind, strengthen, give an example-and an exercise you need to fulfill.You check each other’s work. You get to know each other.Time? You pick. Just visit everyday for 5 days in the 2nd week of the month.Day 7 General Q and A Webinar or Chat.Inside Facebook. 9pm.SCHEDULE:Guide- 2nd week of the monthAll onlineFeb 4, Sun 9pmFeb 5 – Feb 9 (any time)Feb 10,Sat 9pmFollow the times above:Mar 4-Mar 10Apr 8-14May 6-12Jun 3-9Jul8-14Jomar, that’s SIX MONTHS! Yes! But really just 7 days a month .. Plus a week devoted to short exercises and reminders to keep you on track.Jomar, this is more than getting an online job, right? Yes, it’s beyond that already!Jomar, I’m too busy to do this!Correct, you are too busy -and that’s all you are ever going to be. Unless you become busy doing the right things.What right things? I’ll show you. I’ll be fun.Well Designed Success 6 Month Course is only P 16,250in full or P 2,975/mo installment:Get Your Well Designed Success Now – Full PaymentGet Your Well Designed Success Now – InstallmentJOMAR = How About a Shorter Course on Well Designed Success?Since you asked, join us for the …WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS RETREATMarch 2018. 6am-6pm Instead of 6 weeks, we’ll tackle everything in one day!I’ve done this before.It works.There is no rush.The WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS RETREAT is an out of town – workbook-led success-designing event. This is a 95% Solo Silent event.Say YES to giving YOU time.A guided SILENT event.How long have you gone SILENT in your life this year?How about a whole day?Don’t worry, we’ll have a family style lunch – and talking will be done.But for the most part, it will be you and your journal.Looking out to the open mountains – or hills – thinking about your life. Your LIFE – and all the people who means so much to you.You’ll be sitting down, or walking down a pleasant meadow – visioning it all out. Imagining it. Nobody disturbing you. Just you, the air, God and your thoughts.Isn’t that heavenly?All around you – would be the people doing exactly the same thing.How about the Guidance Jomar, how can you guide me if nobody’s talking? Sign language?No, silly. I’ve developed this THICK WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS JOURNAL that will be able to address your needs.You see, most of us, when given silence – our brains travel very far. Soon we are imagining weird stuff. That won’t work.Instead, each chapter in the WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS JOURNAL – corresponds to a 40 minute session in the day. Each chapter has checklists that will enable you to envision your future in that chapter.The chapters are the aspects of your life – like FINANCES, RELATIONSHIP WITH SPOUSE, KIDS, SPIRTUALITY (you can’t just put “Attend Feast Till I’m Dead as a goal, there has to be more than that! 🙂 )At the WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS RETREAT you’ll paint/plan your WHOLE LIFE in all it’s 13 aspects.Now, know that there are only less than 19 slots remaining.You’ll want to be in THAT Well Designed Success RETREAT on March 3. The weather is PERFECT for some outdoor planning. Join us and see life in a different way.Join the WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS RETREAT today.Retreat is only P 9,975 which includes:1. Transporation to and from the secret location2. Your own copy of the WELL DESIGNED SUCCESS Journal3. Snacks and Lunch4. Golden Silence5. A Clearer Vision of Your Success6. Bonus: Success Lessons From Disneyland -Digital Guide (NEW) Value: P 1,0007. Bonus: Success Replanning Webinar series (Downloadable Video)

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