Virtual Careers Christmas Bundle 1 -
4 Courses for Newbies

You Can Work From Home Start Up Kit:
Escape the 9-5 Stress, Enjoy Time Freedom and Earn The Income That You Want

Bundle 1 : 4 Courses for Newbies: Answers ? the following questions you may have:
- Where and How to start your virtual career?
- What are the basic skills start a virtual career?
- How to become an effective VA?
- What kinds of online jobs should you be concentrating on, today?
- How do you get paid online?
- I'm done with the DISC, what career and tools should I learn based on my DISC?
- How to start my own website?
- How to create my online resume? How do I apply for an online job? How do I prepare for an interview?
- Palagi na lang akong na-re-reject, what do you do to get an online job at the rate you want?
- If I have questions, who are the best people to ask?
- My friends and family do not understand this work from home career, to whom do I turn to for support?
-If you need support (because you can’t get moral support from the people around you), this is the best bundle for you.
-PLUS have Jomar's Team checking and reviewing your online portfolio and resume to make sure you are on the right trackThe value of this support group? (This is PRICELESS!)

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Four (4) Courses for Beginners, Learn How to Create An Excellent Blog, Portfolio, Cover Letter, Resume & Plus Bonuses!


 Virtual Careers Video Workshop  with Printable  Workbook 2017

 P 6,995

Dealing With Virtual Professional Contracts and Problems (Video)

 P 4,975

How You Can Evaluate VP Clients and VP Jobs  (Video)

 P 4,975

Date With Fredom 2017 (18 hours of Video with 12+ speakers)

 P 16,575

Get Tips In Making Your Virtual Career Tutorials with May Ala-an & Marven Bore


BONUS: Your Virtual Assistant Career Path / Roadmap By Jomar Hilario


BONUS: Crucial Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Virtual Career: Interview With Mich Dela Torre


Total Package Value


Enjoy an Amazing 70% Discount (P25,564)


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