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You want to run an online business but don’t know how?


Q: How can you earn PASSIVE INCOME?

A: Here is the list of passive income sources:

Real Estate Rentals

Dividends from Stocks that You Own

Earnings from ANY COMPANY that you own and operate with an independent Management Team and Employees – that doesn’t require you to be in the office ANY TIME.

Attaining the Quota – Less levels of some MLM companies.

Being a passive investor in any business venture that earns money already.

Any online business that has automated funnels and VA’s running

Facebook Ads with detailed action plans. Like dropshipping or online course sites. This business also needs an independent manager. Though passive, this is more unstable because your fortunes can reverse overnight.

Royalties from Hit Songs

Royalties from Best Selling Books

Royalties from Inventions

I’m sure there are other ones -but they’re basically under the #3 category. A mature company’s owners don’t work in that company – and earn passive income.

#3 takes decades, however.


And other choices take millions of pesos and dollars.

So what source of passive income can you LEARN TO DO – while sitting or standing in front of your computer?



Would you like to learn a skill – maybe for a YEAR and then – MAYBE –

if you commit to it – you can earn PASSIVE INCOME?


This skill has a requirement.

It’s not money.

If it was money, many people can do it.

But most cannot.

I’ll tell you now.





IF you’re saying “NO”. – you can stop reading now.

It’s okay. There are other careers out there.


Hey! Maybe – even an A/B Tester can get passive income – it just depends on the person’s approach to the client.


A/B Test..? What? That’s another post. Ask me later.

In any case, You want to know what’s the PASSIVE INCOME POTENTIAL VIRTUAL CAREER?


You have to be a Humble Copywriter.


Yes, you believe that you’re not SMARTER than the Old and New (But Rich) Masters of Copywriting so you copy them – basically.

I already teach this. In the Copywriting Masterclass – just this month, in fact.

You can ask the graduates of the course – how hard or easy was it to copy?

I’ll give you their names (with their permission) so you can ask.

Plus I’ll let them TELL YOU how they found my COPYWRITING COURSES.

Just wait.





I’ve been doing LIVE copywriting since 2005. LIve = my work is immediately used to sell products and services.


There was no chance to ‘play’. “Sinalangagad!” So I knew when my copy would work or not.


I made copy for Social Media Posts, Posters, Flyers, Emails and SMS.

From 2005 – 2006, I used copywriting to get 15,000 people to buy something.


Yes, copywriting is not just for internet but for real-world selling also.

Copywriting is selling using words. I can teach that to you – if you can put together a decent sentence.

And even if you can – if you are RELENTLESS enough to HIRE a proofreader every time you work – then even YOU can do copywriting!



No beginner with ZERO cash and little effort can earn PASSIVE INCOME.

You’re kidding right?


There’s always EFFORT and inner transformation to be done.

You need to be GOOD AT THIS FIRST.

It may take you 2 years or 5 years. But you are assured – this skill -can bring you the passive income you want.

If you want it.



Tell me now.

If you’re saying YES — 2 choices for you:


1. Downloadable Copywriting Masterclass.

Here’s the link:

2. Christmas Bundle 4: Online Store, Marketing Funnels with Copywriting Course (With 1on1 Mentoring with Jomar)

Get this if you want to run an online business but don’t know how.

Go to

Now live a marvelous life,

Jomar Hilario….


Author of Virtual Careers, the Book
Pioneer Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals
#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines
#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines

Bo Sanchez’ Internet Marketing Guru

P.S. You have absolutely no risk because this course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee good for 30 days, from your date of purchase. This means that at any time within 30 days that you request it (just send us an email) you will receive all of your money back for any reason, no questions asked.


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Finding a second means of earning an income?


Do you want to know the:


1. Career Path for Online Jobs/Freelancing/Virtual Career?

2. How much Income Can You Expect To Get Online and how do you get paid online?

3. How can you get promoted sa online j.o.b?

4. The #1 Wrong Way To Start Earning sa Internet?

5. How to make a portfolio blog that attracts clients?

6. How to create your online resume?

7. How do you apply for an online job?

8. How do you prepare for an interview?

9. How to evaluate Virtual assistant clients and virtual assistant jobs?

10. The basic skills to start a virtual career?

And this is:

– So that you’ll know if there’s a future for you in a virtual career.

– So that you’ll know if the career can replace your dead-end day job income.

– So that you know – in advance – to earn more – unlike in employment where they say “bell curve”.

– So you can avoid wrong way to start and avoid wasting your time figuring it out.

If you are saying “YES”, then get Xmas bundle 1: 4 Courses Beginners Plus Printable Workbook.
What’s included in Bundle 1:


Get this for only P 10956 instead of P 36,520

Hurry! Save 70% when you register before Jan 18, 2017!


Get instant access!

Go to:


SUCCESS STORY: Can you earn more than you do on your day job with a part-time virtual career?

I made my VA Timeline and surrendered it to God because if being a VA is His will then it will be done.

I am obliged to follow my timeline so that I will not to be distracted to my VA Journey.

I strived hard to finished my assignments for 2 months while working in a Restaurant.

I was doing my assignments every rest day and stayed up late to make it finished.

I always keep eye on my goal to be a Successful VA and achieved financial freedom.

It takes a lot of persistence, sacrifice and prayers.

I tried to apply to job online sites even when I am still waiting for the evaluation of my assignments.

It is always on my mind that I have to help my self to be the best version of myself.

I got my 1st gig last November by a Referral Job from Andrea Viernes and I got my 2nd gig at exactly December 31.

I started my New Year with a Bang! I am very much satisfied of what I am earning right now.

I earned more than my Restaurant Job. I am looking forward to have Full-time Virtual Career to achieved time & financial freedom.

-May-Ann Ala-an

Virtual career is her second means of earning an income.
Her virtual career began with a bang in 2016 (part-time).

What’s your goal for 2018?

If you want to start your virtual career this 2018 with a bang, get bundle 1 here:





THURSDAY, Jan 18, also is the deadline to get up to 70% discount on the XMAS bundles and get these bonuses:


Bonus 1: Get Any Bundle And Get The Bonus“Financial Market investing Course”(Worth P5,000)

Bonus 2:  You will also have to chance to win one of these four (4) raffle prizes:


1. iPod Nano filled with rare MP3 Recordings + so much more! (worth P18k)

2. Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of Social Media.
3. Neil Patel’s Hustle
4. Bundle of 8 Success Books delivered to your home.
  • The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo (This is a graphic novel)

  • Small Giants – Bo Burlingham (How you can be small but great as a business)

  • Irrationally Yours – Dan Ariely (my Professor of Psychology in my MOOC, pay attention to what he says!)


  • Road to Success: The Classic Guide for Prosperity and Happiness by Napoleon Hill


  • The Steal Like An Artist Journal (Yey! A creativity journal for newbies in the Creation space!)

  • Dan and Jeff’s Money Book…. Dollars and Sense (How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter)


But that’s not all. You also get 1on1 Mentoring With Jomar at no extra cost.

Only the first 10 enrollees per Christmas bundle will have the chance to get this.



So ask us more about the bundles NOW – via comments.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario


P.S. You only have 22 days to go to get massive discounts on the 2017 Xmas Bundles here: In this email are explanations of the bonuses. Use these coming days weekend to review all in detail and DECIDE To GIVE YOURSELF the gift and commitment to self-education – which can give you a FORTUNE in freedom, time and money.

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Did you say you want to setup an online store?


Did you SAY you want to setup an online store?

Bakit? What? What’s the product?
What’s the market like? (I mean buyer’s market is ___,____,____)

Why do I ask?

1. Setting up a store is EASY PEASY if that’s all you want.
Go to your Multiply… Este Facebook and set up a group, set the group to “STORE” or “FOR SALE” and declare it’s a group where you sell stuff.

2. Invite people to the group. (if you can)

3. Post images and price and description in the fb group wall.

4. Answer comments.

See? Easy peasy.

You say – Nooo Nooo Nooo..

Again , I ask, why do you want to set up an E-Com store?

What’s the purpose?

A. To Learn How To Setup A Store?

You mean you’re never going to sell a single thing there right?

Just wanna learn how to set it , eh?

Go to Setup the store name, upload images and descriptions of your non-existent products and prices.

See? Easy.

Now go to and setup the same banana, kamote and papatas.

I mean you wanna set up a store yes? Set up multiple stores in different sites!

B. To Learn How To Setup A Store in WordPress?

1. Well, first buy yourself a Hosted WordPress platform. I recommend this tutorial how to do it:

2. Then install the Woocommerce plugin from the Plugins->Add Plugins Menu.

3. Same thing, only more difficult, setup store details (name, header etc), product images etc.

4. Now, come face to face that to run a proper store in Woocommerce, your store must look GREAT and NICE.

If you’re only doing this for knowledge – gained – then you still have to pick a theme and a design that fits the store.

My suggestion is to use this tool to do that: So you don’t have headaches making a pretty site.

5. Since you’re NOT really selling anything, you probably will think that you DON’T NEED TO BUY anything from the WOOCOMMERCE STORE. Wrong. You will. Because only those who purchase add ons to Woocommerce really earn a LOT using it.

Well, look at it this way- lots more to learn! Yes?

C. To Really Sell Something Online -using an Online Store.

1. Aha! Now we are TALKING!

2. Go tell me what is your product so I can recommend a good platform.

3. You don’t want to say your product because someone might copy, yes? Great news! Someone will copy it once it’s up. In any case, PM me your product and audience so I can help you.

4. Why? Are there more to life than Shopify, Ecwid and Woocommerce? You are kidding me right? I’ve been selling online for 12 YEARS. I started when Paypal was illegal in the Philippines. Of course there are lots of places to sell online.

And it all depends on WHAT YOU ARE SELLING.

Sometimes you don’t have to setup an online store. My is my first online store. It’s based off an LMS. It’s not shopify or woocomerce or wordpress.

So yes, lots of options for you.

So what do you think? Which one will you do?

A. To Learn How To Setup A Store?
B. To Learn How To Setup A Store in WordPress?
C. To Really Sell Something Online -using an Online Store.

Let me know in comments.

Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar Hilario
Author of Virtual Careers, the Book
Pioneer Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals
#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines
#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines
Bo Sanchez’ Internet Marketing Guru

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How You Can Feel Great This Christmas

Christmas Day 2017



Just want to Acknowledge your presence here – in this email/message.

I may not address you by name. But I congratulate you. You’re reading this – and because of that seeds of greatness have been cultivated in you.

It’s not easy to do that. If I told you – I was doing that – you’d probably be weirded out.

After all, you didn’t subscribe to this newsletter or join my groups or courses to be “great”. You did that to get what you wanted – freedom or part – time income maybe.

I did give you that, yes? I do hope so!

No? I know, not everyone has gotten their dreams fulfilled. That’s because these things take time and you need time to transform.

Example: In the book Virtual Careers, I talk about the value you give to a company – so you must charge high.

First timers, use this line -on their first gig or job – and that’s a no-no. You haven’t given any value to the company yet- therefore – you can’t use that.

How do you fix this? Give value to the company first! Yes, for free! And research on what is valuable for this company. Some want graphics made, some want analysis. Still some want you to find them leads or clients who will buy. Pick one, do it for potential clients and you can claim that you “do add value”.

That’s just a single example.

But for some, their belief in this “online thing” is still so small that they could never keep a job online.

You have to work on your beliefs by listening more to the webinars or even re-listening to them. This will help you tremendously.

Belief is increased by increasing exposure to the thing you want to believe.

If you want to believe “na may forever” – then keep reading romance novels that end well.

If you wanna believe that there’s tons of money online for you – then you must keep the company of people who do that – or at least listen to them, yes?

Where are the recordings of these people? Reply to me at so I’ll tell you. They’re free.

Going Back To Greatness

Let’s go back to what I said about becoming great.

When I wrote the rare book “Online Marketing Game” – i almost regretted writing it.

Why? Because inside that book are two big secrets of online marketers. I never say which are the secrets -in the book -because that’s up to you – the reader to find out.

You see – secrets exist for a reason. They’re the rare things that rare people – you admire have.

And if many many people have that rare thing – it’s no longer rare. Hence, no longer a secret.

And maybe if it’s “common knowledge” -it would not be valuable at all.

But you know, I’m wrong.

Even if it was common knowledge – like this secret to great wealth that I got from CEO Edward Lee: “The secret to wealth is time.”

It wouldn’t matter if you know it.

In fact, you already do.

Because I told you.

I heard him say this in a seminar and he told me personally while we were having lunch with my son.

That’s a secret, Jomar?

You can’t see a secret’s power if you isolate the secret from the speaker.

They go hand in hand.

How do I know?

Because right now you are saying “What does Edward Lee mean by that? Please explain!”

Back to Your Greatness

In many of my courses starting 2008 – there was always seeds of greatness scattered throughout.

You were getting it from the beginning.

You’re getting it now.

See, I’m not talking about the failure of Augmented Reality to live up to its potential beyond Selfie Filters.


We are chatting about your Greatness -and that it’s being built up continuously as you follow me along.

So Am I Great?

Of course not! I’m just a guide. We both look to Him who is perfect and great among all.

So what qualifies me to help you?

Simply because I want to.

I don’t want you to just learn how to be Great at Figuring out Audiences in Facebook Ads (that’s a skill).

I want you to be happy too.

I want your family to be tightly knit as much as possible, too.

Is my family tightly knit? Of course not! That’s the point!

I want you to personally see how hard/easy it is to herd your own family to remember Jesus, every day.

Yes, “herd” – like sheep.

To follow Him, to habitually talk to Him.

I want you to feel that – that this part of the struggle is important too. Not just the money that you give them.

Yes, it’s something that many try to avoid. I want you to paint yourself into a corner – with wealth – and health and freedom.

And from this corner, you love your way out of it. You fail, you struggle but in the end, you still get up and love, love, love.

This is the essence of my goals for you.

That you find yourself loving more.

Because your present is your presence.

And if it’s hard to love, then you should expect that!

It is hard if your love is genuine!

I’m going to stop here.

I’m not sure if you understand that I’m talking about myself here.

Me, you -we are all the same!

We are all in this journey.

Some longer than others.

Some more scarred than others.

Still, it just matters to stay in the journey as it’s the best kind of journey there is.

Thank you for staying with me.

I bless and continuously bless you with your marvellous life,

Have a Blessed Christmas!

Jomar Hilario & Team


Author of Virtual Careers, the Book

Pioneer Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals

#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines

#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines

Bo Sanchez’ Internet Marketing Guru

P.S. Brand New Bundle 5 now launched in

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Get Educated In Getting A Better Virtual Assistant Career In A Virtual Xmas Party

Get Educated In Getting A Better Virtual Career In A Virtual Xmas Party

Insert VideoInsert VideoInsert VideoInsert Video

Our FIRST virtual xmas party is happening soon…

00Days00Hours00Minutes00SecondsParty’s over!

Insert Video

We’re having our first, 2nd and 3rd mega virtual xmas party on Monday 10am, 4pm and 9pm.

You’re invited to watch and participate too!

How?Well, bring food and drinks fit for a party. (just for you of course).Bring party hats/glasses etc.No need to bring Exchange Gifts, you can just give me Amazon Gift cards (joke)

To join and SHOW YOUR FACE and TALK in the online party – – please sign up in this FORM :

Note: Your computer is in a quiet place and you have working camera and microphone (headset with mic is okay).

Go register in this link to be able to join via VIDEO -where we can see your face and interact with you via video.

To just watch, join here:

In other words, if you wanna get things off your chest….join the party!!!

Join also to have YOUR QUESTIONS answered.As you know- I love giving long answers today.Long enough to fill up a Book Chapter – you’d be wondering – is Jomar writing a book while posting in facebook?


See you on Monday!Invite office mates and ex-office mates!Specially those in OTHER COUNTRIES who want to hear hours long TAGALOG.



We’re also going to answer questions and reveal more surprises around the Xmas Bundles this year.

Who knows, you may be able to see even MORE Xmas Bundles!

Now live a marvelous life,


P.S. It’s the time of the year to celebrate with like-minded people in an online party! Sama na!

What happens in a Virtual Careers Christmas Party?

What happens in a Virtual Careers Christmas Party?1. Share a joke. We promise to laugh.2. Share a Virtual Careers story of your life.3. Share your workspace (give us a tour)4. Tell us what your thoughts are about

  • watching Justice League
  • watching or not -Star Wars – Last Rebel
  • investing in Bitcoin
  • funny Work Online incident
  • tell us about your last work/boss/vc workmate.

Attend the Mega Virtual Career Xmas Party!Monday, Dec 18 at 10 am, 4 pm, 9 pm

Join here:

Our 2ND virtual party is happening on Monday, December 18 4PM

00Days00Hours00Minutes00SecondsParty’s over!

Our 3RD virtual party is happening on Monday, December 18 9PM

00Days00Hours00Minutes00SecondsParty’s over!Insert WordPress ContentInsert Video

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He quit the Virtual Assistant Journey, then this happened…

He quit the Virtual Assistant Journey, then this happened…

By Mikel Dumlao  4th February 2017

What was your experience with our Virtual Assistant work/webinars/seminars/book/blog like?

Different people have different stories to share.

Different takes on what success is for them. So as with me. I met my mentor Jomar Hilario way back 2009, he conducted “Internet Marketing Workshop.”

The same year I was already working full-time in a manufacturing company as well as a part-time professor in a university in our province.

Still, I’m looking for other means of income to support myself and my immediate family.

I read a blog post from Bro.Bo Sanchez about the workshop few times and convinced this would change my life.

Not knowing it will, but in ways, I’m not expecting.

The day I first met my mentor is the first step of my journey to success

.Later on, I discovered Jomar also conducting a lot of other specific topics about internet technology and social media marketing tools.

When he introduces the “Virtual Assistants Seminar”, I was excited. I told myself, I’m not for internet marketing, making my own business online.

I attended his “Virtual Assistant Seminars” I tried to be a virtual assistant. As of this writing, I’ve known Jomar for seven years, so what did I accomplish?

Nothing much, I have not (yet) succeeded in online marketing.

I got three clients – first is a Filipino, then two were foreign clients.After that, I didn’t get any online work ever.

That’s it! Yup, it is depressing and frustrating.

Still, I got a wonderful experience.

God anticipates all my screw-ups and inadequacy as a result of taking more excuses than actions.

So what happens in seven years?

It was the year 2013, this is the time I told myself I quit.

I concluded even being a virtual assistant is not for me.

Or perhaps, I don’t have enough pains and sufferings.

What I did instead is I work abroad.For two years, I have worked in Saudi Arabia as an Electrical QC Inspector.

The challenges of working in an Islamic desert place are both emotional and physical.

It was painful for me to take this path, but I know this is a healthy pain to awaken my senses.

Though I told myself the online business and online work are not for me, I know in my heart I couldn’t not continue.

I learned to blog and get enough confidence to write.

I also learned from him the value of continuing learning, so I also continue on reading books and listening to audio teachings from different people.

While I’m in abroad working, the first thing I do in the morning is to write 500 words.


I do it even I felt I’m crazy and fooling myself again.

Weekly, I wrote in my personal blog about my life experiences working abroad.

While I’m doing my laundry, I’m listening to audio teachings.

This is almost impossible with the amount of spare time I have and almost everyday fatigue working on construction sites under the scorching heat of the sun.


Thanked God I did.

After I got back to the Philippines, one of my first agendas is to buy a downloadable version of his now known as “Virtual Career Seminars” through Christmas Bundle #1.

So I did.

A few weeks later, one of Jomar’s teammates sent me an email.

She told me I was invited to a webinar as one of the sharers.

Who? Me? Am I not successful?

I’m not sure if it was a good idea, I say yes anyway.

It turns out it was a good idea I did.

While I’m the one already speaking, Jomar told my positioning should be “Mikel, the Mindset Master.”

I just laugh, but in the back of my mind, I’m asking myself, huh? Me?

Then I got free admission to one of Jomar’s IVS Live Meetup.

I got it simply by sharing my story on a webinar for the first time.

These are completely out of my plans.

Given the opportunity, who am I to refuse?

So I met again my mentors and fellow students for the first time in years.

As of this writing, I’m doing my tutorials for my blog portfolio for my Virtual Career.

It was a joy for me to know lots of success stories of Jomar’s students.

After reading a bunch of testimonials and observing my mentor for years, both online and offline, I know God brings me to the right person.

I didn’t just learn how to make money on the internet.

I also learn how to deal with life in general.

It’s also painful for me out of envy and regrets that I should succeed in earning if I become brave and mature enough.



I know I’ve done enough.

Though it might depress and raise your eyebrow, I want to tell you I’m still planning to work abroad for the last time.

Yes, I’m still not ready to take risks. But as I heard from my mentor, life is not a race, it is a marathon.

So no matter how long for to achieve external success, I will continue until I got what I want in life.

We are all in the marathon of different pacings.

I could not exchange for anything the internal improvement meeting Jomar and his students did to me.

All his webinars, emails, workshops, seminars and online courses help me achieve the most important traits of successful people which are the mindsets.

I improved my confidence and willingness and drive.

I still have a long way to go, but I know I’m already on the journey of success.

This is the reason I still sent my story.

Maybe, there’s one or two gone through a similar struggle who needs encouragement and validation.

I’m telling you to just go on with the journey.

It will be worth it to pay the price now than later.

Jomar’s dedication is to help Filipino enjoy their families and friends with their physical loving presence.

I love my family and I’m willing to pay the price to get what I want for myself and for them.

We are enough.

We have done enough.

For now, I’ll just enjoy and continue on my success journey.

Thank you, Jomar and your team for awakening me to live an awesome life.

God bless everyone.

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Q: I’m a med graduate, I can’t find any online jobs related to MED….HELP!

Q: I’m a med graduate, I can’t find any online jobs related to MED, I tried all the sites in your book -Virtual Careers and I got nothing. Nothing! Help!

A: Hi Thanks for writing. Let’s frame your situation this way:

“I graduated __X___ – so I must have an online job that’s related to __X___.

The problem is – you already know this doesn’t work.And you still insist that it MUST WORK.


This is because you’re still living in the world of ME ME ME. I need a job at home. I need it. I want it. It must be for me.


Like in most situations, it’s not about you.


It’s not about me.


It’s about what clients NEED and WANT -to the point of paying you a DOCTOR’S SALARY – ONLINE – because you help them so much.

And clients, I think – don’t really need MEDICAL HELP. Or any medical related tasks – online.

What they do need is a lot of SOCIAL MEDIA, FB, IG, SNAP, CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL, VIDEO help.


None of the above are medical related.

Now since you messaged me in Facebook, I know you’re willing to learn FACEBOOK AND FB MESSENGER – at least.You just need to extend that to MARKETING.

Because even if you do work for a:



They will want you to “take care” of their FB – instead of dispensing unlicensed medical advice. You understand?

Now if you just perked up at “CUSTOMER SERVICE!” – let me just warn you. That’s a low income job online. I don’t teach it, and neither should you look at it.


Learn Marketing. Try my Instagram Marketing Online Classes – you can do it while LYING DOWN IN BED for 5/min a day.


Nearly 250 graduates of this course can tell you – it works! It takes 30 days to learn it all – and all you need is a WIFI and SMARTPHONE and you’ll learn how to grow an EMPTY INSTAGRAM account to 2,000 followers or more in 60days.

Here’s the mindset you need to have.


Set your mind on this:

To be able to live the life that you want, you HAVE TO HELP MORE people live the life that THEY WANT.. .


And that begins with thinking about WHAT THEY WANT. And I tell you almost every ONLINE client needs more sales, more clients and more marketing.


That’s why I teach you marketing at


You’re welcome.

Jomar, can I really learn marketing for 5/mins a day? While lying down on my bed?


In fact, we’re opening the 5th Batch of Instagram Stories Marketing course!

And to make it sweeter, it is offered as one of the Christmas Bundles this year.

This means you’ll get massive discounts and bonuses when you get the course until Jan 18.

Do you want to learn marketing and earn while using your smartphone?

Get bundle 2: Grow Instagram Followers: Instagram Stories Marketing 2018, Batch 5



All of these are yours instantly for only P 7773.75.

Click here —>

Save 75% when you register on or before Jan 18, 2017!

Hurry up.


In 20 days in Instagram Stories (Batch 5), you’ll get the lesson in a compact, yet a fun way to learn:

  • How you can use game-changing apps that will make you appreciate more your old yet reliable smartphone.
  • How you can help clients in promoting their websites and gain followers so that your client will see you as a valued member of his organization.
  • How you can enhance your skills in marketing and be a marketing guru in IG.
  • How you can use different apps with an Instagram marketer’s mindset that makes all the difference in succeeding in IG marketing.
  • How you can attract/gain real targeted followers on Instagram.How to make a post with one good content and make a new set of people come and join your circle.
  • How to use the different kinds of apps/tools that will help you create amazing posts & videos.
  • Plus dozens of tips on how to succeed in growing your Instagram or your client’s Instagram followers!

And this is just the beginning!

This bundle will get you started in your own little “goldmine” business, because:

  • You will immediately master Instagram to boost your confidence and be courageous in applying for an online job.
  • You will learn in a synergy between all the participants so that you will not feel alone.
  • You don’t get overwhelmed because lesson is given daily so you get to practice and have fun right away.
  • You will get support not only from Jomar’s team but also from your batchmates.
  • You will get new lessons & tips how you can become successful on Instagram Stories marketing.
  • You will meet a lot of supportive, positive and like minded individuals that you can look up to as mentors (Worldwide- pinoys and non pinoys).
  • You will learn how you can reach out to prospective clients effectively.
  • You can be an effective social media person.
  • You will develop the creativity within YOU that you didn’t know you had.
  • You will have the mindset of doing something everyday towards your goal.


There’s more:

If you act immediately you will also receive a 1on1 coaching with Jomar!


First 10 to get this bundle will get direct guidance from Jomar to teach you the right path to this kind of career.

Or simply ask him questions and get feedback right away!

Get bundle 2: Grow Instagram Followers: Instagram Stories Marketing 2018, Batch 5

Get it here

More Bonuses:

You will also receive the Bonus“Financial Market investing Course”(Worth P5,000).

You will join the raffle and get the chance to win:

1. Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of Social Media, value: P 1000


2. Neil Patel’s Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and
Momentum, value: P 1000



3. The Collection of 8 Success Books, value: P 5000+

  1. The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo
  2. Small Giants – Bo Burlingham
  3. Irrationally Yours – Dan Ariely
  4. Road to Success: The Classic Guide for Prosperity and Happiness by Napoleon Hill
  5. The Steal Like An Artist Journal (Yey! A creativity journal for newbies in the Creation space!)
  6. Dan and Jeff’s Money Book…. Dollars and Sense (How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter)
  7. Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk
  8. The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life by Natalie Sisson


4. Full Loaded Ipod Nano (Grey/Black), value : 18,000+

Includes the collection of marketing and personal development material that Jomar used when he started. Value : Priceless


Click here to join the course instantly.


Listen To What Instagram Masterclass Graduates Are Saying About The Instagram Course

This is very “insta” worthy, super fun and informative- MarieThe 20 days is such an effective way to learn –Estrelita Brillantes

This course added my confidence to claim that I am truly an Instagram Master. – Ruth Germano

I’m so happy and thankful. I was expecting this will run literally at 20 days. I was even asking myself if I’d be able to catch-up and really learn in 20 days…but I was wrong. The course run so smoothly according to how we the students catch-up the lessons. It’s so worthy to enroll. And the knowledge I gained are more than what I paid for! – Sabrina Alfonso

The course is mix of play and profound study. With direct application of the tools you get to enjoy and have fun and get meet new like minded individuals online. What a great way to learn. – Elena Solon

The course is so much fun, having fun while learning something new. I had known a lot of helpful apps, used them and I was wowed about the simple things, or posters that I posted from my circle of friends as well as those who I really don’t know. I feel the boast of my self esteem and my confidence about myself increased. Claudia Tabbada


Now live a marvelous life,

Jomar Hilario….


Author of Virtual Careers, the Book

Pioneer Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals

#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines

#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the

PhilippinesBo Sanchez’ Internet Marketing Guru


P.S. You can start to learn marketing while using your smart phones.

Join Instagram Stories Marketing 2018, Batch 5.

Go to:

P.S. You have absolutely no risk because this course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee good for 30 days, from your date of purchase. This means that at any time within 30 days that you request it (just send us an email) you will receive all of your money back for any reason, no questions asked.

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Are you looking for a direction in your career shift?

Lots of people are planning their career shift.

Do you agree?

Some of them find out about online jobs.

These people find out that getting a job – online – and doing the job online is called being

a: Virtual assistant

b: Freelancer


Then the next question you may have is:

1. Is this for me?

2. Can I do it?

3. The internet is full of bad stuff, is this legit?

4. What kind of jobs are there? Is there any online job related to my degree?

Now, most people will also say —“I’m not working for free!” and “I’m not an assistant!”

True both.

So what are your options?

What are the jobs that you can do – for example – if all you know is MS office and Google?

My answer: LOTS! The key is looking at GOOGLE and not MS Office.

Now most people will also do a search for “Virtual Assistant Jobs” and find most of it is “ASSISTANT” jobs – and get turned off.

“I’m not a secretary!”

I’m sure you’re not.

And for the record, I have NO secretary in my (Virtual Assistant) VA team.

So what jobs can you do with the talents and skills that you have?

Let me give you a hint,

In your employment, you have:




Junior Assistant


Assistant Manager


Senior Manager

Vice President



— All these exist in the VA (virtual assistant) world. You just have to know how to find them.

In last night’s webinar, our guest showed her transition from being a BPO employee to a VA Project Manager & Sales Funnel Designer.

Do you know how to post on Facebook? Instagram? Tweeter?

Those tasks (skills) were just some of the tasks assigned to our guest when she started her virtual career.

Then she became the client’s project manager.

She was also offered a task to design sales funnels.

She enjoys the task because of her natural tendency to check every small detail of her work.

If you missed the webinar “Earn 5-Figures Income As A Part-Time Sales Funnel Designer”, watch the replay of the interview with Margarita Papica:

You’ll learn the advantage of knowing your DISC in getting clients online so that you can maximize your potential and income.. Google mo anoang DISC in case hindi mo alam..

You’ll learn the Virtual Assistant/Virtual Professional career paths whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

You will find out how to win all 5 success mindset books worth P5000.

You will find out how you can get FREE 1on1 coaching with Jomar.

You will learn about the first 4 Xmas Bundles for 2017 (Highly recommended courses offered at crazy lowest prices ever!)

You will learn the path our guest took to become a sales funnel designer earning 5-figures part-time.

You will learn some tools/apps used by a sales funnel designer virtual assistant/virtual professional.

Your number 1 confusion on what path to take for a person with a High C personality, answered.

You will discover how to get clients without even looking for them!

You will learn how to stop procrastinating and be bold to face the virtual career.


Watch the webinar replay: “How To Earn 5-Figures Income As A Part-Time Sales Funnel Designer”.

Go to:





Q: The biggest REASON why I want to increase abundance in freelancing is just becausei am tired in going and working to Corporate World for almost 21 years.

The heavy traffic that i always encountered everyday. I wanted to have a balance life and enough time for my family at the same time i am earning.

(identity protected)

A: I agree! It’s really tiring! I’ve been working for corporate for 16 years so I know how you feel.

Freedom is near. You just have to trust THIS is the right path.

Why do I say that?

There are other paths, other people who will lead and can lead you.

But theirs is …different…their ways and methods.

Here, with me – I strive to give you as much ABUNDANCE as you can. In all parts of your life.

I think that – is hard to find.

Congrats for finding this. ?




Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar Hilario

Author of Virtual Careers, the Book
Pioneer Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals
#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines
#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines
Bo Sanchez’ Internet Marketing Guru




P.S. Check this out –> Great deals and bonuses are waiting for you in our 2017 Xmas Bundles ??

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How much time should you dedicate to shift to a virtual career?

Q: I am looking for direction in Career shift since my current specialization is very taxing on my health, however it seems it would take some dedicated time that I cannot spare away from my main specialization since I have steep mortgages to pay.


A: We dropped by Kuya J’s restaurant to buy their delish Vanilla Milk Halohalo. The ice is the treat, it’s full of milk and super fine. It’s a great and recent discovery for us.

When I started ordering it was 12:15pm.

By 12:21pm, we were in the car with the 2 halo-halo-ready to head out of the parking lot.

Six minutes passed from ordering to putting the car in gear.

You can’t do anything in 6 minutes, right?

But in those 6 minutes, Lucia, my 7-year old asked to use Instagram and proceeded to create an Instagram Story slide.

Sean, my 9-year old – doesn’t know how to make an Instagram Story.


So I taught him:

How to create colored backgrounds.
How to use the Eraser Tool
How to use the Drawing Tool
How to change drawing widths

Six minutes passed – and that included walking to the car and getting in the car, putting on seat belts.

Six minutes.

And Sean now knows how to create an Instagram Story.

You’re going to have to remember that I taught RUDY, a 54-year-old dad, the exact same thing – but we were not sitting next to each other. I have his interview here.

I taught him – inside Instagram Stories.

Rudy now has 2000+ followers. He’s learned from other mentors because guess what – that’s the correct way to think.

But I taught him Instagram stories first.

His other classmates in Instagram Masterclass has an average of 500+ followers.

Many of them – pure strangers.

That’s because Rudy and the 200+ graduates of Instagram Marketing Masterclass spent 5-10 minutes a day on their smartphones.

For 20 working days.

With me.

Now they know how to :

Use Snapchat (!!) another social network that will be the talk of the town in 2018.

Use Augmented Reality Apps

Use Video Maker Apps

Use Workflows of different apps to create unique posters, videos, and animations.

Use either Android or IOS apps

Impress their teenage family members with their skills in making social media posters while lying in bed.

Use all the features — and I mean ALL the features of Instagram plus Instagram Stories plus all the new updates this year.

There’s more like Hashtag Research, Commenting like a human and tagging rules etc.

So what is the value of 6 minutes?

Does it have to be spent blanking staring at nothing while waiting for your uber or staring at the numbers that change in the elevator?


I’m going to give you a big secret. Copy and paste this next bit and send it to your banker/ mortgaging bank.


Hi. For the next round of mortgage payment or the next year, I would like to request 4% interest per annum.

(SIGNED – Your name)

Go ahead and change the number to a smaller one.

Just do it.

Then tell me what happened.

They’re going to agree to a “LOWER AMOUNT”.

And you would not have received it if you DIDN’T ASK.


If your brain is POOR, you will NOT do it.

So tell me. Are you rich or poor in your mind?

Stop telling the truth and tell me you are rich in your mind.

Now, once you got the lower interest, COMPUTE how much that simple email (YES EMAIL) saved you.

Now use that money to invest in YOURSELF!


Invest in yourself – because THAT DOESN’T GO AWAY.

The gifts you are buying this season – they will ROT —they will be forgotten.

I should know, we donate old toys EVERY Christmas Season.

And the quality of the china plastics is tsk tsk tsk.

They don’t last very long. Sorry.

But wisdom, knowledge, prudence, and mindset – they’re pretty much – STAYS WITH YOU FOREVER.

Start here



Now live a marvelous life,

Jomar Hilario



Author of Virtual Careers, the Book

Pioneer Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals

#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines

#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines

Bo Sanchez’ Internet Marketing Guru

P.S. I’ve shown you an example of how it is possible to do it even if you have a day job … and included a testimonial through Rudy’s online interview… The only thing left to do is your action to start shifting your career – today.

You can start here Chrismas Bundle 2: Grow Instagram Followers: Instagram Stories Marketing 2018, Batch 5

Go to:

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The Story Of How Christmas Bundle Started

Ever wonder if Jomar will ever give you really dizzying low prices for something you really really want?

Well, we thought the same thing.

We = Jomar’s VAs. So…

One Saturday in 2013, Nikki, Trina, and Jasmine met in a coffee place somewhere in the North. Being work-at-home people and not used to going out super early in the morning, they got lost in finding the venue!

Finally, they got to sit down and meet at 10 am.

After one round of coffee and bagels, Nikki said, “Let’s do something special for our loyal readers this Christmas!”


Trina said, “Yes, para naman we’ll all celebrate it with them in a special way!”


Jasmine shared, “BTW, did you know that Jomar celebrates Christmas in a very different way?


For him, Christmas is not just December 25, Christmas includes weeks and days before Christmas.


Kaya, 12 days before Christmas, he gives his wife, Clarisse, gifts each day.”


Awwww sweet!… Sana makakita rin kami ng love one na ganun! (can you guess who said that?)


So the VAs decided it’s their turn to share gifts to Jomar’s friends, students and avid fans –- 12 days before Christmas!


Hence, this Christmas special is born!


What did the VA’s decide to call this Christmas special?


“12 Days of Christmas with Jomar Hilario”


They went home and went through the compilation of videos, ebooks, audios, and webinars. Nikki emailed Danielle and Camille to get their inputs on the idea.


The VA team went through the huge vault and they only have one criterion in selecting those that will include in the Christmas special:


Choose only those that they will give as a gift for themselves!


Take a peek at what the VAs have inside the Christmas stockings:


  • Jomar’s most in-demand signature course
  • Premium webinars that will make you a high-earning VA
  • All-time best-selling downloadable of Jomar (the seminar that changed Jasmine’s life!)
  • Never before released ebooks on how to build your dream online biz
  • Step-by-step tutorials (It’s like having Jomar’s VA guiding you)
  • Exclusive bonuses on how to achieve mastery
  • How to take stunning online product photos for your business (one of Jasmine’s fave!)
  • Mind-changing webinars on achieving your dreams
  • How to make your inbox work for you
  • Want to rank high in google?
  • Bring out the best-selling ebook author in you

And there’s more…

It’s been a busy December and the VAs were really busy wrappin’ up these gifts for you.

Yes, these are gifts that you can give to the most important person in your life: YOU!




The Christmas Bundle started 4 years ago as a project of Jomar’s VAs. This is their way of paying forward to help transform the lives of other people.


They created this idea with you in mind, FOR THEY WERE ONCE IN A SITUATION LIKE YOURS.





Take A Cue On How Jomar’s VAs Created The Christmas Bundle 2017




This year, 2017, this is how we came up with the Christmas Bundles.


We asked each team member to share her dream bundle, dream gift that she would like to receive or share with a loved one.


These gifts were carefully chosen by our team as they each have a personal meaning.


You might know a friend, loved one, officemate, a sister, husband, wife, co-teacher, neighbor, best friend, a relative who share these stories.


Be generous to them and give them your attention.


Share with them these stories …




Every Jomar’s VA started virtual careers for different reasons.


One is to have another option to earn without compromising family time.


The other one is to find a second means of earning an income and eventually resign from her work.


Two of them are dreaming of transformation from being OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) to OFW (Online Filipino Workers).


One wants to have an income while at home in spite of her sickness.


They found out about Jomar’s VA seminar years ago, and the rest is history.


Now, many are still asking: How to become a virtual professional/virtual assistant?


That’s why we gave the answer through Bundle 1:


Virtual Careers Christmas Bundle 1: 4 Courses for Newbies (You Can Work From Home Start Up Kit: Escape the 9-5 Stress, Enjoy Time Freedom and Earn The Income That You Want)

This bundle answers the following questions you may have:















This is the best bundle for beginners.


To get this, go to


“No time to learn a skill!”


It’s one of the ‘excuses’ we heard from people who want online work but cannot commit a time to do it.


So, Instagram marketing (now in Batch 5) is your number 1 skill to learn using your smartphones.


My very busy VA (busy because she still works and accepts part-time jobs) recommends this bundle.


Bet ko ang Bundle 2: Grow Instagram Followers: Instagram Stories Marketing 2018 because Instagram is easy to use and perfect for marketing. Tapos easy to follow ang instructions ni Jomar. Kumbaga doable. Actionable. I’ve seen people use the methods we used in IG masterclass. I’ve handled accounts din, it worked. Saka more than the apps the mindset that Jomar provides is what we all need whatever niche we want.”


Do you want to learn a skill while using your smartphone?


Do you want to earn while using your smartphone?


Get Virtual Careers Christmas bundle 2: Grow Instagram Followers: Instagram Stories Marketing 2018, Batch 5

Go to





“I wanna upgrade to $100/hour like Niña Mendoza!”


Who doesn’t want it?


Do you agree that Facebook marketing is still in-demand today?

That’s why we created Virtual Careers Christmas bundle 3: Ultimate Virtual Skills That Will Help You Charge Up To $100/Hour Rate (Facebook Marketing Bundle + 2 Expert Interviews)


It includes the foundations (VA101 & VA202) and all the important updates in making ads on Facebook.


The foundational course VA101 is extremely useful even outside of Facebook.


The skills you will learn here will make you stay relevant even in changing marketing channels.

You will also learn from the 2 mystery guests who are expert in this field.


What sets it apart from the other Virtual Career Bundles?


  • You will experience na pag-aagawan ka ng mga clients kasi you will learn that special skill that makes sales soar up, up and away!
  • You will be considered GOLD by serious business owners and top internet marketers.
  • You will avoid the “Feast and Famine syndrome” dahil lagi kang “siksikliglig at umaapaw” with online work!


Bundle 3 answers the following questions and needs and more!


  • Walks you through step by step on how to make effective FB ads.
  • How to understand the buyer/target customer by looking at interests, demographics, page likes and affinity.
  • How to create effective FB Messenger Ads campaigns
  • How to create Fb messenger bots.
  • How to run FB Lead ADs Campaigns that convert.
  • How to attract your target market to Like and pay attention to your online store’s FB page.
  • How to attract our target market to like and pay attention to your online store’s FB page.
  • How would you go on towards spreading interest for your facebook page?
  • How to find the demographics of customers that you’re looking to buy from you?
  • How do you keep interest towards the people who follow your facebook page?
  • There are a lot of similar pages on Facebook, but how do you make yours stand out from the rest?
  • Tips on how to make catchy titles for posters that will be posted on your FB page.
  • The right timing in posting on FB.
  • Where to get ideas for games, puzzles for your FB.
  • Setting up / maintaining and growing Facebook page/group of businesses.
  • Feeding your customers what they want and what they really like and be able to share with many.
  • Finding your right target by age, profession, income.
  • Latest apps or tools that would help create content for Facebook.
  • How to dig deep into market needs.
  • How to make Facebook Marketing Research and Planning.
  • What are the Elements of a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign.


Wanna learn this skill and upgrade to $100/hour?


Get Christmas Bundle 3: Ultimate Virtual Skills That Will Help You Charge Up To $100/Hour Rate (Facebook Marketing Bundle + 2 Expert Interviews)


Go to


So, make sure you get this bundle at the Best Time… which is NOW NA!




“My husband created an online store, all by himself.

He is selling his crafts.

But mostly, all of the orders he received came from “kakilala”, friends, and friends of friends.

So the online store had become merely a catalogue of his products.

And he’s paying for that store platform.

An Instagram and a Facebook page can do that, do you agree? And they’re free of charge.

He can even use FB messenger or WhatsApp to send pictures of his crafts to his “kakilala”.

If only he has a guide on how to do it so that he can minimize the trial and errors in running an online store.


That’s why we created this Christmas Bundle 4!

This is also our gift for those who are asking this question below:

I want to open an online store. Selling the products we have at our store. Hope you can help me.”


For you who want to minimize the trials and errors in starting an online store business, big help ang Christmas bundle 4 na Online Store, Marketing Funnels with Copywriting Course (With 1on1 Mentoring with Jomar).


What sets it apart from the other bundles?


  • You will enjoy monthly for 6 Months, 1on1 discussion with Jomar regarding your niche, preparation, product to sell, marketing.
  • You will be able to build an online store business based on your passion
  • You will enjoy lessons on copywriting, an important skill if you want to sell.
  • You will have the chance to ask your questions about your online store business during the monthly mentoring with Jomar.
  • You will learn about LMS (Learning Management System), E-commerce
  • You will learn what your Passion Monetization is…

Get this and get the chance to make your dream online store a reality.


Get Bundle 4: Online Store, Marketing Funnels with Copywriting Course (With 1on1 Mentoring with Jomar).


Go to



Feel free to forward this gift to your loved ones and be part of their transformation.


Get the Christmas Bundles NOW and begin your journey to achieve Time Freedom That You Want And Earn The Income That You Need.


Yes, you want to take a look inside your Christmas Stocking!


Nikki, Trish, Danielle, Isabelle, Camille and Lorenzo move FAST kaya they love FAST MOVERS!


Because of this, they have decided to give massive bonuses to FAST MOVERS ONLY.


Be a FASTMOVER and Get These Rewards!


1. Get Any Bundle And Get The Bonus “Financial Market investing Course”(Worth P5,000)

2. Be The First 10 Enrollees In Each Bundle And Enjoy a 1on1 Mentoring Session with Jomar Hilario (Worth P 5,000)

3. A chance to win mind-blowing raffle prizes! (special raffle prize awaits you if you get Bundle 3 or 4)


The HUGE SALE is available at a limited time only.

HURRY UP and grab the best gift for yourself!

I’ll discuss each bundle , one by one, in my next emails…

Enjoy a Marvellous Christmas!

Nikki, Trish, Danielle, Isabelle, Camille and Lorenzo


P.S. Be on the look out for Jomar’s VAs! Who knows baka you’ll see Nikki, Trish, Danielle, Isabelle, Camille and Lorenzo in one coffeeshop near your place sharing stories and havin’ a great time as friends!

Hmmm…How do you know they’re them?

You’ll hear one word several times in their conversation and this one word is – “Jomar”!


P.S. Congrats if you are reading this. It means para sa iyo talaga ito.

Now, here’s your next step:

Take that Bold Step Towards Time Freedom That You Want And Earn The Income That You Need.

Choose the best Christmas Bundle for you… or for your loved one.

Do it NOW!

Go to


P.S. More bundles to come. Stay tuned, as Jomar’s VAs are carefully wrapping the best gifts to suit your needs.


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Earn 5-Figures Income As A Part-Time Sales Funnel Designer Virtual Assistant

Do you want to Learn how you can Earn5-Figures Income As a Part-time sales funnel designer Virtual Assistant/Virtual Professional?

Let this 27-year old lady, MARGARITA PAPICA, show you the path she took to become one!


  • You will learn the path our guest took to become a sales funnel designer earning 5-figures part-time.
  • You will learn some tools/apps used by a sales funnel designer virtual assistant/virtual professional.
  • Your number 1 confusion on what path to take for a person with a High C personality, answered.
  • You will discover how to get clients without even looking for them!
  • You will learn how to stop procrastinating and be bold to face the virtual career.

Earn 5-Figures Income As A Part-time Sales Funnel DesignerInterview With Margarita Papica


YES! I want to register!

After registration, check your email inbox for the confirmation email containing your link to join the webinar.

This webinar will start in:

02Days06Hours08Minutes30SecondsYou’re late! But don’t worry, you can watch the webinar replay here later.Register NowSelect Content TemplateInsert WordPress Content

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Discover 5 Ways How You Can Grow Instagram Followers Free

Do you want to attract real targeted followers to your Instagram account?

Watch the video below.


  • You will learn how to create a powerful Instagram account for your business.
  • You will learn how to attract 2500 real targeted followers to your Instagram account!
  • You will learn the 5 tips to grow Instagram follower which you can immediately apply to your IG accounts.
  • You will get 2 bonus tips from our virtual assistant guest how you can attract prospect virtual assistant clients!
  • You will learn the apps for scheduling Instagram posts so that you can automate posting to save time.
  • You will discover how you can get the attention of the  Generation Z if you’re planning to market to them.
  • You will learn how to read Instagram analytics insights so that you can use the data to optimize posting schedule.
  • You will learn how many times you should post on your IG account to build strong trustworthy relationships with your Instagram followers.
  • You will get tips how to make your profile/bio because this simple info matters to your business!


Learn and earn while using your smartphones!

Try Instagram Stories Marketing

CHRISTMAS BUNDLE 2: Grow Instagram Followers : Instagram Stories Marketing 2018, Batch 5 


Make a choice.. either keep doing what you are doing and buy all the latest gadgets or items on sale out there that gets you nowhere but broke and confused or make the choice to win with a proven system with real proof, and real results. Change starts right here from making a decision just like this one.

YES! I WANT TO JOIN IG BATCH 5!Select Content Template


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you’ve changed your mind over the next 30 days after paying, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

Insert WordPress Content