20 Things Worth Sharing From The Xmas Bundles Fast Movers



It’s been fun sharing ideas like these with the Xmas Bundles/Singles fast movers this past couple of months.

What happened during the FREE 1on1 coaching?

Read below and maybe, you can learn a couple of things too!

I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped Heidi, Jesse and the other mentees.

They’re very generous to share what they’ve learned. See below.

From ‎Jesse Villavicencio‎:




2. I also learned that after a mentoring session, it is best to reflect and write down what you learned RIGHT AFTER the session because it is easier to recall as it is still fresh in your mind. Application? This is it (haha!).


3. It was interesting to learn a little bit about the technical aspect of a video conference too: that GOOD lighting makes a lot of difference on how you appear at the other end; plus a good quality webcam to seal the deal (naks, interview lang!). I’ll visit the local store for some LED goodness.


4. Having a set of prepared questions helped me get through with my one on one with sir Jomar. Oh diba, hindi ako naubusan ng sasabihin sir . Lesson? Be prepared…while still being natural.


5. This learning session also revealed to me that it is a good thing to follow up with your mentors as they are actually capable of forgetting too.(^_^) Follow up in a polite manner of course.


6. Another learning is that I can still tap into the previous IVS’s to gain more confidence. But first, finish the courses that I have. Too many courses, and it feels overwhelming na.


7. This one’s related to the top. Learn and Train. Learn and Train. Learn and Train. In other words, apply! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++kk


8. I also realized that I still have TONS to learn before I achieve my goals; I’ll be transformed in the process and would have become more valuable as a person. I’ll document this journey, baka pwedeng mabenta in the future 


9. Validation of feelings is also very important for someone who’s just starting his climb (that’s me!). Thank you for the inspiration sir Jomar.


10. Lastly, we go back to TIME. To those who want to but are still undecided whether they should pursue a virtual career, I highly highly highly suggest that you take action NOW. Technology is more rapidly changing than it was 5 years ago, so we all have a lot of catching up to do. Face where you want to go. Then GO!




From ‎Heidi Roselle‎:


10 Things I’ve learned from sir Jomar:


1. That making a CHECKLIST with a DUE DATE and PLACING it where I can see it always will help me keep track and make progress as a VP.


2. That it is important to select a niche (not just one but five niche) on IG with 10k or less followers so that the efforts I’ve exerted in making IG post will be visible to more IGers. This will also help increase my IG followers.


3. That if I apply the 30 hashtag rules correctly on IG then I can increase my followers. It should be rule#1 MAIN TOPIC, rule#2 BRAND NAME is about the client’s name, the client’s name on IG, services offered and known products of the client, rule#3 SPECIFIC TOPIC, rule#4 SPECIFIC LOCATION – target market of the client and rule#5 GENERAL LOCATION – where the client’s business is located.


4. That I have to tag 5 different people daily on IG who are NOT my friends to make myself visible and again get more followers.


5. That if I practice the 30 hashtag rules on IG and is posting consistently then I can use it to help potential client increase their followers and possibly get hired as a VP.


6. That making tutorials is not just about having something to present on my portfolio BUT it is about something that I will enjoy doing when serving my future clients.


7. That there are apps for high C personality like me that I can start working on for my tutorials such as Canva, Trello, pivot tables, SQL, MS Access, AB Testing, Kissmetrics, Mix Panel and Google Refine.


8. That the “The Aladdin Factor” by Jack Canfield is a must read book to know the right way of “ASKING” and to overcome self-limiting thoughts.


9. That I need to learn to “ASK”… ask others for help…to not become “SELFISH” para lahat “happy”.


10. That he CARES about me, my journey as a VP because he takes time to listen, shares his wisdom and give me reminders…not to limit me but rather to keep me from hurting myself as I pursue this path.


Definitely this 1 on 1 coaching session with sir Jomar is PRICELESS!




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What if I cared more for the people I love instead of caring for my alcohol needs?”

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Now live a marvelous life,

Jomar Hilario

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