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    Jomar Hilario FINALLY releases the book version of the seminar that helped a lot of people achieve freedom to experience serving different businesses, earning any currency and spending them in the Philippines. I thank Jomar for teaching us how to leverage the power of the Internet!

    Ann Kristine Peñaredondo
    CEO, Ann Exceptional VA

    I used to work in Singapore & Saudi, now I've exceeded my Singapore take-home-pay working from home in Pasig.

    Nolan Lazaro 

    I wanted to get away from my monotonous call center job & once thought that earning online is a myth. When I learned about Jomar and attended his Virtual Assistant Seminar in 2012, my life changed and I started to have more time for more important things in life.

    Mark Israel 
    VA 2012 Student & Online Freelancing Warrior

    Jomar Hilario

    Jomar Hilario is the Philippine Internet Marketing Guru who’s behind the online marketing of most of Bo Sanchez’s activities. He’s also known as the Tim Ferriss of the Philippines for his early work with Virtual Assistants and Online Businesses. As public speaker and trainer, he founded the Virtual Careers Summit & Seminar and runs cutting edge online courses to enable YOU to maximize the internet for income. Hear and learn directly from Jomar during his weekly 9pm Monday online video show at You can also download answers to 50 of your questions from

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